The Tune In Festival
The Tune In Festival
11/6/21, 2:00 AM

The return of The Tune In Festival will feature more than 30 artists and ensembles over four days, coming together to pay respect to the time-honored tradition of music and poetry as sources of resilience, protest and inspiration. Curated by performance poet J. Ivy and pianist Lisa Kaplan in close collaboration with CAP UCLA Creative Advisor Kristy Edmunds. 

For the festival, Jennifer created a music flm for experimental violin duo The Furies. Confronting humanity's impact on the climate and our place in the universe, The Furies's piece for the Tune In Festival is a meditation on the arc of history, from the primal dawn of civilization to an uncertain future. 

Day 2: Friday, November 5 at 7PM PT

Karim Sulayman

Eighth Blackbird: Singing in the Dead of Night by Julia Wolfe

The Furies: Did He Promise You Tomorrow

Mariee Sioux

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Dog Star 12: Machaut + Rauschen

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Dog Star 12: Machaut + Rauschen

Time & Location

Jun 09, 2016, 8:00 PM
MorYork Gallery, 4959 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042, USA


Autoduplicity's last performance of their second concert exploration, Machaut + Rauschen, juxtaposing Guillaume de Machaut's ballade, “Dame, ne regardez pas” with several of Peter Ablinger's Instrumente und Rauschen. Leaping from the simple purity of a single melody to the “everything always” of white noise, Machaut + Rauschen explores the hidden complexity in simple sounds and hidden sounds within masses of complex noise. Listening at these extremes reveals how deceptive the very ideas of simple or complex can be.



Peter Ablinger

WEISS / WEISSLICH 17d: Flöte und Rauschen

WEISS / WEISSLICH 17k: Violoncello und Rauschen ("Kreuze")

Piccolo und Rauschen

Das Wirkliche als Vorgestelltes (The Real As Imaginary)

Kyrie after Machaut

Guillaume de Machaut

Dame, ne regardez pas (arr. Rachel Beetz and Jennifer Bewerse)


Admission: FREE


This event is part of the 12th annual Dog Star Orchestra festival of experimental music. For more information about the festival and full schedule of events please visit